What Is Monat 

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Monat is,
Anti aging hair care line that regrows hair from balding heads, turns cotton candy damaged hair back to silk (we’re the only company that’s formulated with small enough molecules to penetrate your hair from the inside out) and preserves the pigment in the follicle to stop graying.

It naturally and safely blocks out he DHT hormone which is the hormone that as we age, it releases as we stress causing hair loss. However we’re the only hair company that regrows hair without effecting a mans testosterone level! 

We’re triple concentrated! So whereas shampoos and hair products are 20% product which includes a lot of heavy and hazardous chemicals and 80% water; monat is 60% product and 40% hospital grade water to prevent outside contamination. So our system has a 130 washes per bottle and at two washes per every other day it should last for 65 wash days! 

Our clinical trails we’re preformed in Princeton, and originally tested on ethnic hair! We have something for all hair types, oily, dry, curly, straight, short hair, split ends, frizzy, dull, hair loss, thick and unmanageable hair, thin/fine hair! We even bypass medical conditions like psoriasis, alopecia, diabetes, Thyroid, chemo Ect. We detox, stabilize and recover you hair from all build up, toxins, wax, silicones ect! It’s the power or nature vs chemical and drugs.  

We do have a 30 day back money guarantee and a .06% return rate! Most companies won’t even disclose that! We’re actually really proud of that! 

Also we do have our MSDS paperwork proving that we are in fact a professional line! Monat just believes in equal opportunity for everyone! 
Our rejuvenique oil is 600 drops per bottle! It’s pure with no chemicals, fillers or toxins, it mimics your bodies natural oil so it’s not going to clog your pores or weigh your hair down! It only takes 2 drops per head of hair! It will literally erase fine lines, scars, acne scars, stretch marks fever blisters & regular blisters and so many other skin and hair issues! (We have a 101 uses of rejuvenique oil flyer I can send you)
With the VIP 

🌟you get 15% off plus an additional 15% off after $118 in your cart on ala cart items! 

🌟FREE shipping, ($17 in savings)

🌟FREE gift (Just For You Gift That Only VIP’s have access to ) $25.00 value

🌟Birthday recognition 

🌟3 and Thank You! Which is you get me three VIP customers in one month you’ll get an $84 credit and get your NEXT ORDER FREE! 

🌟ONE time enrollment fee of $19.99

🌟Access to our flash sales which are usually 64% off or a Bogo deal

🌟There is a minimum of 3 orders and we can space them 30-60 days out whenever you like. Your choice! 
If the VIP isn’t for you, then you can choice retail, or Market Partner: 

💛40-45% discount of your product pack

💛299 for 10 products! 

💛399 for 16 products 

💛599 for 25 products

💛40% discount on anything after your pack

💛Access to our flash sales which are usually 64% off or a Bogo deal

💛Consistency program, remain active your first four months and earn or free revitalize shampoo, next month-replenish masque, 4th month rejuvenique oil! (That’s only selling or buying 2 systems per month)

💛Getting a paycheck 

💛Ability to hit unbelievable bonuses! 

💛Have phenomenal hair!

💛Be apart of a team!

💛Be your own boss

💛Become a part of the motor club (free Cadillac)

💛Monations convention!

💛Rank advancement bonus

💛matching rank advancements when your team hits your matched rank, unlimited amount of times!

💛Smart start to really boost your income!

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