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Monat offers 5 excellent Shampoos. How do you know which is the best for you?
This is a great question, and the answer depends on your hair goals. You don’t have to figure it out on your own or simply guess. I’m here to help make sense of it all.
5 shampoos, all designed to gently cleanse your tresses of products, residues, environmental pollutants & toxins, without stripping away the good stuff your hair needs to look and feel its best. Renew Shampoo, Revive Shampoo, Intense Repair Shampoo (repairs your scalp), Black 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner, & The Champ Dry Shampoo.
Renew Shampoo is our Hydration Line Shampoo. It is formulated with the highest concentration of Rejuvenique oil Intensive, multiple gentle cleansers to remove different types of dirt & grime, and excellent humectants & emollients to leave your strands hydrated, soft, supple, & brilliant with shine. This gorgeous shampoo is salt & sulfate free, penetrates & moisturizes the scalp and boosts hair health and growth. It restores hair to a more youthful appearance and is perfectly safe for color treated hair.
Revive Shampoo is the shampoo you want when you desire bombshell volume. Revive is designed with fine limp, lifeless hair in mind and is on a mission to increase volume, bounce, vitality & brilliance. The different cleansers are layered and work in concert to leave your strands clea, hydrated, & pumped up. Revive helps increase hair health, density, and scalp health. You’ll enhance volume and provide your strands with weightless moisture for sky high style. What’s that? I couldn’t hear you over the volume of my hair. Ingredients that improve comb ability, reduce friction, static, & tangling are packed into this shampoo. What you get is incredible volume without the dirty greasy feel many volume products leave in their wake.  
Intense Repair Shampoo is for those who want faster than fast growth. Looking for longer & stronger hair? This is your answer. Formulated with invigorating mint and growth promoting rosemary, this shampoo also has 2 times the amount of growth promoting capixyl over Renew & Revive. Capixyl is a tested and proven naturally based hair loss remedy derived from Red Clover. IR Shampoo is a maximum strength growth & density product that works quickly to reduce scalp inflammation and DHT build up in the scalp, allowing for rapid repair of the factors limiting & reducing hair growth. Caution, repeated, frequent trips for trims may be necessary. 😉 
Black 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner is perfect for busy, on the go, short hair. The best cleansing & conditioning in a single bottle saves time and steps. I love this product for hair 4 inches or less in length, if you have longer hair, pair with a rinse out conditioner for the perfect solution of soft, supple, moisturized tresses. You’ll get a great pick me up from the invigorating chocolate mint aroma. Monat Black has twice the amount of capixyl over Renew & Revive shampoos in a convenient one step cleansing & conditioning formula. The extra capixyl gets right at scalp inflammation & DHT build up that limits growth and causes the majority of hair thinning and loss. 
The Champ Dry Shampoo is the single dry shampoo I have ever recommended in my stylist career. This dry shampoo does a better job without any damaging talc or drying alcohols. Talc can cut & abrade the cuticle leaving a dull sheen, & damage behind. Typical alcohols evaporate and pull moisture out of your hair strand as they evaporate. The Champ is formulated with Rice starch and moisture rich alcohols. Rice starch offers the smallest particulate which keeps the white residue from showing up. That’s right, you won’t look like George Washington’s wig! Cane alcohols leave rich humectants & emollients behind after evaporation so you can rest assured your dry shampoo isn’t sucking the moisture out of your strands. You get a quick easy time saving application that will referesh your tresses, absorb oils, boost volume, and no-one will be the wiser that your air isn’t freshly washed & styled.
Every Monat shampoo is formulated with rejuvenique oil intensive to nourish & protect your strands. Every rinse out shampoo is formulated with the growth encouraging & enhancing ingredients leaving your strands clean, hydrated, protected and nourished. With continued use you can expect less hair fall, which means reduced thinning, and increased density, meaning a longer, fuller, stronger, younger-looking head of hair. Depending on your hair goals, and your daily styling choice, one or all Monat shampoos offer the perfect solution to your needs.

Monat offers 5 incredible conditioners. How do you know what is the right one for you?  
That’s a great question, & the great news is you don’t have to figure it out on your own. I’m here to help you get what is perfect based on your needs and hair goals.
5 Conditioners: Restore Leave-In, Revitalize, Intense Repair (think scalp repair), Replenish Masque (treatment), & the Newly Released Deep Smoothing Conditioner.
Restore Leave-In is a daily use conditioner that is as versatile as it is effective. This conditioner works great as a rinse out as well. It has great humidity fighters built in to help you fight the frizz in even the thickest summer air. It packs powerful moisture to rehydrate sun dried and wind whipped hair. I love to have clients use this as a pre-pool swim treatment, too. Wet your hair, apply a generous amount of Restore, and swim without the concerns of chlorine uptake. Restore has hydrolyzed wheat protein in it, which is gluten free, to strengthen and repair the cuticle and improve the appearance of split ends. One little known tis bit is Hydrolyzed wheat protein offers some protection from heat styling as proven i a 1990’s study on heat damage. The Crodasorb in it also helps protect from UV damage.
Revitalize Conditioner is a daily use rinse out, and is my favorite. It adds shine, bounce, vitality, and plumps your hair making it look and feel fuller. This is one that makes clients and Mom’s cry tears of joy. Clients love the instant boost in volume, Moms love the ease that brushing has after using this conditioner on long haired little ones who hate the brush out after the bath. Revitalize contains water and shampoo soluble film formers, that break down easily and do not build up, to plump up the hair from the very first use. This is a weightless, non greasy volumizing formulation that encourages hair growth, increases scalp health, and improves hairs appearance and manageability. A quarter sized dollop is all that is needed for even the coarsest of hair types.  
Intense Repair Conditioner is a maximum strength hair grower. This moisturizing conditioner has 3 times the capixyl than our other conditioners, making it a scalp miracle worker. Intense Repair does pertain to scalp health in this instance. Capixyl quickly reduces inflammation in the scalp which helps clean DHT from the follicle and makes way for better stronger hair growth. I like this conditioner as a step up. When I have a client that is getting results, but wants to see more, faster, I’ll switch them over to the IR line. The good news is, all of our conditioners have all the right ingredients to create better hair growth, IR conditioner is formulated with more of the good stuff.
Replenish Masque is our deep hair rebuilder. There are many reasons to use a Masque, playing with color & chemicals can damage the structure of hair, wind, sun, environmental pollution can deplete moisture & make hair strands fragile or weak, prone to breakage. Replenish is packed with hydration and peptides. Peptides help rebuild the hair by reinforcing protein. A word of caution, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Protein does wonders, too much protein makes hair hard and brittle. For this reason I recommend only using the masque every 4th or 5th wash. I think it is important to always follow up your masque with a daily conditioner. The Masque focuses on the inside of the strand, and a daily focuses on the cuticle ,making it softer, smoother, shinier, and gives easier comb ability.
Deep Smoothing Conditioner is the new kid on the block. Want sleek, shiny hair with no frizz or fly aways? Get this on those tresses! It is perfectly formulated to give you that soft smooth hair that lays down and glistens with brightness. Use this with round or Denman brushes for a soft flowing finish, or flat iron for perfect pin straight styles. It’s formulated to fight the effects of humidity on smooth styles. If you’ve given up on sleek hair in the summer, this is one that will definitely help Stella get her groove back. 

All of our conditioners create a ph balance that helps the cuticle lat flat, reduce comb friction, and increase reflection and shine.

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