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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Why does hairbreak off?

A: There are many reasons for breakage.

Snap, crackling, and pop are great when

talking about cereal, but not your hair. Here are a 5 reasons why you might see unwanted


1. Wearing too-tight ponytails

2. Brushing and combing wet hair

3. Sleeping with hair down (if you are a


4. Using heat appliances – flat irons, curling

irons – on damp hair

5. Blowdrying too often and too close on high

heat settings

Using MONAT products can help shield the

hair from damage by soothing and coating

the hair with our naturally-based protectants.

It also begins to immediately repair the

damage already caused from previous abuse.

Breakage can be avoided – MONAT is the answer!
Message me today! 

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